11:00 - 11:30
LEERE STADT? Entwerfen für ein Weiternutzen gefährdeter Räume in Kassel // EMPTY CITY? Planning for a re-use of endangered spaces in Kassel
ASL Neubau
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Universitätsplatz 9
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34127 Kassel
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R. 0106
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Aaron Bione, Joschua Blum, Nida Dagar, Gianluca Ehrhardt, Justin Goldhagen, Daniel Gorb, Marlene Hoppmann, Justin Klaus, Carmelo Landro, Hanna Lugg, Yaren Murat, Lea Murbach, Annabelle Oeste, Ida Reuter, Harpa Rúnarsdóttir, Naemi Sünderhauf, Enver Temam, Friedrich von Uckro, Joanna Weise, Moritz Weishaupt
Lili Bergmann
Prof. Dr. Gabu Heindl, Florine Schüschke, Nina Manz; in cooperation with: andpartnersincrime, Staatstheater Kassel, why so empty
Gabu Heindl, Florine Schüschke
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Faced with the strained housing market and the climate crisis, andpartnersincrime, University of Kassel and Staatstheater Kassel are jointly taking aim at the social battlefield of vacancy and its political scope: In Kassel, at least 200.000 sqm are empty (gross floor area, equate to ca. 136 000 sqm usable area); They could be converted into approx. 2500 apartments of an average size of 55 sqm each. The studio researched and visualized this abundance of vacancies and developed designs for the reactivation and conversion of the former Postal Office in Untere Königsstraße, the Hansa Haus in Kurt Schumacher Straße and a state-owned villa in Goethestraße, currently all being vacant. In order to understand the cost of vacancies for the public sector, and the organizational, economic, and legal levers we have to counteract it, the studio furthermore developed public actions that visualized vacancies inside the city. The associated research studio LESS: Leere Stadt looked at underlying reasons for vacancies, examined constellations of actors, and researched which concepts can be instead applied for a public welfare-oriented urban development and against profit interests.