10:00 - 10:30
Housing wealth and (re)produced inequality
Raum 105, ASL-Gebäude
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Universitätsplatz 9
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D-34127 Kassel
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Raum 105
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David Gergis, Justin Goldhagen, Annabelle Oeste, Naemi Sünderhauf, Moritz Weishaupt
Gender wealth gap research: Annabelle Oeste, Joanna Weise
Vertifungsseminar: prof. Gabu Heindl, W/M Iva Marcetic, Gender wealth gap research coordinator: W/M Nina Manz
Iva Marcetic
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In the Rundgang we will show the work of the ACE department that deals with the role of housing in wealth accumulation and produced inequality. Since housing and urban land are the most tradable and wealth building forms of property, what is known as spatial planning of a certain locality is at the same time, possibly, a global asset value appreciation process. But in order for this to be apparent and understood, we need investigative research that connects the spatiality of a certain location with its role as a major asset in the financial market. We will show the work done during our in depth seminar "The productivity of common ownership models" where we investigate the role of the biggest real estate company in Germany, Vonovia, through its spatiality in Kassel. We will combine the findings of the seminar with the research project Gender wealth gap where we show how wealth accumulation is predominantly fuelled by the real estate market and how this relates to questions of gender and class.