17:00 - 17:30
Entwerfen und Gebäudelehre — Prof. Marie-Therese Harnoncourt-Fuchs
Reinraum 5.0
Torhaus B Außen Terrasse
Straße und Hausnummer:
Gottschalk Straße 24
PLZ und Stadt:
34127, Kassel
Gebäudename, Etage, Raumnummer:
Torhaus B R 0112
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Franziska Sophie Reinhard, Yuqing Wan, Frederike Tonia Bücker, Ansgar Tollhopf, Gencali Cakir, Viktorija Dvarvytyté Sunijia Wang Abdulaziz Alhomsi, Jule Schmidtkunz, Julia Drochtert
Harun Faizi
Harun Faizi
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The seminar Reinraum 5.0 built a foundation for using Unity to create custom virtual worlds using animations, sounds, digital models and 3D scans and other elements. These digital environments were constantly tested by virtual walks in 1:1 via Avatar and optimized in a weekly feedback system. We want to explore the possibilities of virtual worlds and digital displays in order for the content of the projects and their designs to be optimally displayed, presented, and understood. To do this, we jointly develop interactive tools (film, 3D environment, homepage, hybrid exhibition, interactive design space, use of different output media (e.g. VR glasses or applications in AR via smartphones & apps)). We try to move in a direction where VR is not just a präsentation tool. We believe that designing in a responsive digital environment that displays and simulates the decisions of the designer in real-time offers new possible ways of thinking and developing architecture.