Semesterprojekt Master: WiSe 2020/21
Institut für Architektur

Beams and wood sticks, which would be thrown away as wastes, are of different lengths, thicknesses, and cross-sections. In this concept, they were reused to form a stable frame structure through layered modular designed joints and ultimately into different furniture systems like stools and tables. The difficulty of this concept is how to connect a variety of beams with one modular joint. Through interlacing, the beams could support and be supported by each other and the joint gives external restraint in order to construct the beams into the appropriate height. The modular joint which consists of three parts could provide a diverse frame system and adding the number of joints to bring more beams into the structure could provide more stiffness. According to the inconsistent lengths and thicknesses, the height of the frames could be relatively adapted by adjusting the position of the joint. Through this joint, the beams were constructed to fit into suitable frameworks and consequently to divers stools, tables and bookcases.


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