Form-finding Seminar

Fachgebiet: Tragwerksentwurf
Dozent*innen: Mobin Moussavi, Georgia Margariti
Form and force are two major factors in the understanding and designing of load bearing structures. The seminar will focus on structures whose design is driven by the interplay between form and force. This process is often referred to as form finding, and can be done with physical and/or digital methods. Form-found geometries are structurally efficient and therefore are often the basis of realizing elegant design in architecture. In the first phase as ‘Form finding’, the students will be introduced to theory and concepts behind the importance and development of form-finding methods and the corresponding structural typologies. These methods solve the problem for static equilibrium, either without requiring material properties or solving dynamic equilibrium. In parallel, students will study pioneers work that will be visited during the excursion and explore their form-finding approach. This inspiration can lay the foundation for their own design approach. Practical and hands-on experience with numerical form-finding tools and physical prototyping will be gained through a design task, individual for each student or per small groups. In the second phase as ’structural analysis, the result geometries will be analysed and optimized for a specific material and external load in terms of their area cross section.