Digital Basics

Fachgebiet: Experimentelles und Digitales Entwerfen und Konstruieren
Dozent*innen: Prof. Philipp Eversmann, M.Sc. Hyo Wook Kim
The seminar is intended for students in A, S and L with no prior knowledge of Rhino-Grasshopper who want to learn how to use CAD tools. The main goal of the Digital Basics seminar is to learn algorithmic thinking for parametric 3D-modeling in the field of architecture and digital fabrication. Students learned the basics of 3D modeling with Nurbs geometries. The theoretical part of the course consists of informative lectures on the basics of 3-dimensional CAD modeling, data structure concept, and parametric design thinking. Tutorials and exercises used the software "Grasshopper for Rhino" to transform the theoretical part into real life applications. Students explored how to build complex geometries, through points, curves, surfaces and solid geometries. They learned how to combine these different constructing methods with diverse parameters to develop their own spatial parametric model. These parametric models were then translated into physical models.